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Online school courses and reinforcement with our teachers in mathematics, physics, chemistry and languages. Other subjects also available on demand.

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University Projects

University courses are challenging to assimilate and projects can be hard to execute. Our instructors are here to help you understand the theory and apply it in your projects.

Data Analysis & Treatment

Understanding data allows organizations to establish baselines, benchmarks, and goals to keep moving forward. Our experts help you with Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Treatment & statistics along with Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Artificial intelligence objective: Machine learning (supervised and unsupervised learning; trial learning, etc.)


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Data Analysis & Statistics

We provide Data Analysis, Data Science and Data statistics studies in all fields: health/medical, financial, education, commerce optimization, feasibility study, traffics, management, etc…

We also handle data treatment project (data entry, analysis, cleaning and correlation studies).

Additional Services

University Studies & Projects

University subjects and projects might be tricky and hard to comprehend. We assist you in understanding and executing the projects.

Web Development

Need to build a website, e-commerce platform or any other solution/app? Give us your requirement and let us handle the rest!

Programming Languages

Learning new Programming Languages opens promising doors in your career. Our teachers are ready to help you get started.


Take the next step to becoming a stronger leader. Use coaching to lead with more influence and impact. Our Lawyers will assist you in administrative tasks.